Personal Health Diary

An open-source visualized personal health and wellness diary to help record, track, and discover personal health trends.

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Project Platen

An open-source framework for publishing digital books and research as websites with a built-in API.

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Books from AYR

Books as web-apps with API, built with Project Platen.

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In the labs

Projects that are still cookin’.

The Western Music Canon

The lives of the 125 most popular composers of the western music tradition from 1300 to 2013.

The Circle of Fifths

Poster and interactive visualization of the circle of fifths.

Useful tools

Little tidbits to make your digital life easier.

Compass H5BP Workspace

An opinionated mobile-first Symphony CMS workspace with a default color scheme, typographic modular scale, and grid.

Academic User Styles

User style sheets to improve the typography and readability for commonly-used websites for academics in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


My system of methods for making awesome.


To build a house, we must first know the lay of the land. That is why I start all my projects with research to understand the needs and wants of you and your constituents.

Content Strategy

I help you put together an editorial process that best jives with how you work and build a style that best articulates your message, fits your organization’s personality.


Most people build websites like they write brochures: a series of pages. I help you build tools specifically tailored to your needs and your constituents’s needs.

Who is Bernard?

A photograph of Bernard.

I am a content strategist at the intersection of academe, philosophy, design, user experience, and public policy. A lover of style guides and advocate for open-access scholarship and its role in bringing scholars into the public sphere.

Tasty peeks

Screenshots of the stuff I am working on right now.

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